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Welcome to the modern Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic MEDICOM Clinic, situated in the historical centre of Prague and also a branch in Brno.

Our Clinic performs complete spectrum of plastic and aesthetic surgery procedures and is represented by a highly qualified and internationally experienced team of professionals.

MEDICOM Clinic pays attention to the individual approach to each client and emphases constant improvement of the provided services.

MEDICOM Clinic has helped thousands of clients from the Czech Republic and also from abroad.

Your dream can come true with the best care and results.

Our goal is to make our clients happy and comfortable.

MEDICOM Clinic - clinic of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery presents:

The quality of our clinic is shown by the interest of various Czech celebrities and their trust input into our team of surgeons.

Tereza Kostková

Procedure: transconjunctival blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids

Czech actress and presenter, Tereza Kostková, has undergone the lower blepharoplasty (lower eyelid surgery with laser). The aim of this surgery is to remove extra skin and fat from the lower eyelids. The result: no scars, no excess fat, only a younger looking skin!

"If i knew I would have done it
         a long time ago.."

Eliška Bučková

Procedure: laser dermatology and Botox treatment of hyperhidrosis

Czech model and Miss 2008 Eliška Bučková has undergone the treatment of excessive sweating by the application of botulotoxin and a skin mark removal by the laser Palomar.

"The fashion malls during the shows
         get extremely hot. "
To have sweaty armpits doesn’t give you much confidence.

Julie Zugarová

Procedure: Breast Augmentation

Czech model and Miss 2009 finalist Julie Zugarová has undergone breast re-augmentation with silicone implants. It was her second breast augmentation for larger silicone implants.

"Someone likes high heels,
         I love big boobs..."
Be what you want to be!


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